Sathidar Tea

Crafting Moments

At Sathidar Tea, we blend tradition with innovation to bring you the perfect tea experience. Our journey begins with the desire to simplify and enhance your tea ritual, starting with our signature Sathidar Jaggery Tea.

Our Products

Sathidar Premium Tea Box

Sathidar Masala Tea

Sathidar Jaggery Tea

ऊर्जा देणारी चव म्हणजे च साथीदार चहा

Our Mission

Our mission at Sathidar Tea is rooted in continuous innovation and growth. We strive to remain relevant in the dynamic world of tea by launching new products and services. We are committed to becoming an integral part of our customers’ daily lives, offering a variety of products tailored to every segment.


Our Vision

We aspire to become one of the largest tea packaging companies in Eastern India, expanding our product line to cater to various food-producing needs nationally and internationally. Our core value is promising the real taste, ensuring that the energizing flavor of Cha Saathidar Tea remains at the forefront for our consumers, distributors, retailers, employees, and shareholders.


Sathidar Tea

Rita S.
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Sathidar Jaggery Tea has transformed my tea experience! The premix is a game-changer. No more jaggery cutting hassle, just a perfect cup every time. I'm hooked!
Kiran M.
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I've tried numerous masala teas, but Sathidar's Homemade Companion Jaggery Tea Recipe is unparalleled. The blend is so unique, and the taste is pure bliss. Highly recommended!
Ashok P.
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Sathidar Tea Masala is now a staple in my kitchen. It elevates my daily tea routine to a whole new level. The aroma is mesmerizing, and the health benefits are a bonus!
प्रिया आर.
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प्रिया आर. चेन्नई से: साथीदार प्रीमियम टी एक आश्चर्यजनक सरप्राइज है! लीफ फॉर्मेट में एक धाराप्रद स्वाद है, और यह सचमुच अपने एक अवस्मरणीय कप का वादा करता है। मेरी चाय की छुट्टियाँ अब मेरे दिन के हाइलाइट हैं।