About us

Sathidar Tea

Welcome to Sathidar Tea, where tradition meets innovation in every sip. We take pride in bringing you a range of premium tea products that redefine your tea-drinking experience.

Sathidar Jaggery Tea - A Sweet Symphony in Every Cup

Indulge in the rich flavor of our Sathidar Jaggery Tea, where the goodness of jaggery and tea powder come together in a perfect blend. Our ready-made jaggery premix ensures a hassle-free brewing process, giving you a homemade cup of tea that’s unmatched in quality. No sticky residue, no compromise on taste.

Sathidar Tea

Health Benefits

Unlock a world of health benefits with Sathidar Tea, a blend that goes beyond taste to enhance your overall well-being.

ऊर्जा देणारी चव म्हणजे च साथीदार चहा

Our Mission

Our mission at Sathidar Tea is rooted in continuous innovation and growth. We strive to remain relevant in the dynamic world of tea by launching new products and services. We are committed to becoming an integral part of our customers’ daily lives, offering a variety of products tailored to every segment.


Our Vision

We aspire to become one of the largest tea packaging companies in Eastern India, expanding our product line to cater to various food-producing needs nationally and internationally. Our core value is promising the real taste, ensuring that the energizing flavor of Cha Saathidar Tea remains at the forefront for our consumers, distributors, retailers, employees, and shareholders.



Company starting:- 10jan 2022
Company type:- tea powder manufacturing tea powder packing